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Mila and Ron

Today is Maggie’s 2nd birthday. I have attached a couple of recent pictures

She is doing beautifully – a never-ending source of love.

She is also part of a group called Sunshine Therapy Dogs  (

We have done visits to schools with kids with special needs as well as U of T during exams

She could not be more a part of the family

With great gratitude

E. K.

Hi Mila and Ron,

We made it home without any issues with our puppy Bronx. We just had to show the Border Patrol Agent the vaccination certificate.
It was great seeing you both again. Needless to say, we are so happy with Bronx. He seems to be adapting well. Thank you. Below is a testimonial that is from our hearts and true in every way.



Today we picked up our third Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that we acquired from breeders Mila and Ron Boche. Why three dogs? Because over the course of seventeen years, Mila and Ron have proven themselves to be the best of the best dog breeders for Cavaliers. Our two previous Cavaliers lived very long, healthy lives and were beautiful dogs. We knew when we wanted to get another addition to our family, Mila and Ron were our only answer. They are professional and demonstrate a true passion for raising quality pets. If you want to be satisfied with looking for a new family member Europeheart is your answer.
J. & K. F.


Hi Mila and Ron!

It was wonderful meeting you and your family of beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniels yesterday! Our puppy Charlie is fantastic! He's been playing, snuggling, eating, drinking, sleeping, and going to the potty! Best of all - he slept through his first night at his new home without crying! We are absolutely loving him. Thank you so much! We will take the best care of this little gem!


Yesterday we picked up our gorgeous Blenheim puppy, Charlie from Europeheart Cavaliers. The whole experience was absolutely wonderful! Ron and Mila were professional, experienced, and completely devoted to their beautiful family of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They walked us through every detail about this little guy and answered all our questions with the ease and wisdom that only a seasoned breeder could give. The time Mila and Ron took to make sure we left as informed as possible was truly appreciated. Charlie is our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and I doubt he'll be our last! This Christmas is going to be amazing with him filling our home with love. He is playful, cuddly, and an absolute joy! His markings are distinct and the chestnut colouring is so rich - just stunning!! I would definitely recommend Europeheart Cavaliers to anyone considering this breed. Thank you, Mila and Ron. We absolutely love Charlie and will take the best care of this little gem! 

Best Regards,

Lily G.

Good afternoon Mila and Ron,
It was nice speaking with you today.
As was mentioned in our conversation my sweet Emma passed on December 2/22 in my arms.
Emma was born July 7/09 from Monty and Daisy.  Emma was picked up from your home on September 1/09.
We fell in love with her instantly and my heart was overwhelmed with joy.
Emma was a spunky little girl who loved to chase squirrels in the backyard and protect her property.  She loved running on the beach and smelling - the wonderful smells they were there. Emma loved cuddling and snuggling while we fell asleep with
each other.
Emma was loved every day of her life.
Emma brought so much love and joy into the lives of so many people, family, friends, and strangers.
Thank you both very much for the opportunity to have one of your most special little pups, and experience the love
of a cavalier.  I have been forever changed.
G. B.

Emma B..jpg

Hello Mila and Ron!  

We hope you are both well, and that your fall litters have been healthy.  We are writing to provide you with some photos and an update on our much-beloved Bella, a puppy from Goldie and Archie's spring litter (May 14th, 2022).  We are also attaching proof of Bella's spay, as requested.  

Bella is such a source of joy and love for our family - and indeed, anyone she meets!  She has been on many adventures in her 6.5 months, including a number of trailer camping trips and a canoe camping trip.  Bella has also successfully graduated from puppy class and Level 1 Life Skills training at McCann Dogs, where she is now rocking Level 2 because she is so bright and loves to "work".  At home, she has entered her rebellious teenage years, grabbing any socks she can find, barking wildly at squirrels, and jumping up towards counters and tabletops - the scallywag!  She sleeps in her crate for part of the night and then snuggles with us for the last few hours.  She is sooooooo snuggly!   

Thank you for all that you do to bring into the world, such lovely souls.  Your efforts over the years have added so much love to so many people's lives, which makes this world a better place.

We hope you enjoy the photos!

Warm regards,

W, B, C, and Bella


Hi Mila....
This is our little Betsy that we got from you in 2006. Her parents were Monty and Orlanda. She passed Apr. 4, 2020, at just over 14 yrs of age. We are totally heartbroken. Betsy was our first King Charles Spaniel and we absolutely fell in love with her and this breed. She was an absolute delight to have. She was very easy to train. Loved going for walks, seeing people, and chasing lights and shadows. She was a very healthy little girl. Very healthy heart. I would not hesitate to get another King Charles from Ron and Mila!

Thank you for our wonderful Betsy!
Love S.
Hi Mila & Ron,
Carley is doing well. Eating very well & her training is going really well!

Regards, L.F.

Note from a breeder: This puppy is from our kennel and she is 11 weeks old on this video:
Hello Mila,
I pray you are having a Happy Christmas. I want to wish you a good Christmas and to thank you once again for my Daisy. We are very happy together and counseling clients just love her. she is especially good with teenagers. She jumps up and sits with them. They end up cuddling her and then they start to talk about their problems and sometimes start to cry and then Daisy licks their tears. It can be quite moving. She is a very sensitive dog, a bit of a pickle sometimes as she is so lively, but just loves people. I've attached her latest picture in my counseling office and as she appears on my brochure.
Sincerely, M. D.
BROCHURE 2020.jpg
Hi Mila and Ron,

James, Jasper, and I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas. 

Jasper makes us laugh every single day with his antics, his expressions, and his true Cavalier character.  We just love him to bits.

Thank you for giving us the little miracle that has truly changed our lives.

Jasper is happy, healthy, hilarious, and yes, a bit bratty of course...

All the best for 2021. Hoping it will be a better year for all.

I attached a pic...hopefully it came through okay.

Sara and James 

Hi Mila and Ron,
We are so happy with our puppy. He is a great addition to our life! We talk all the time about how wonderful Europeheart is. When people admire Abner on our many outings and ask where we got him from, we sing your praises.
He is so loving, smart, and beautiful.
Abner loves people of all kinds, (especially kids) and will wait patiently for them to pay attention to him. He loves going on outings, playing in our backyard (hide and seek is always fun!) Outside is his favorite place to be and he loves sticks! Abner loves other dogs as well and meets lots at puppy playgroup. And of course, he cuddles up at night with us, happily chewing on a bone.

He understands and follows many commands, such as: sit, down, sit-stay, down-stay, jump, spin, shake a paw, dance, kisses, off, up, out, inside, outside, in your crate, in your bed, off, would you like to come for a cuddle, in the den, where is it, get it, leave it, drop it, let`s go, this way, and many, many more - and of course when the treat drawer opens he comes running. But he always sits for his treat! We also play fetch, monkey in the middle, and lots more! He makes us laugh all day long.
Thank you again for such a wonderful dog.
Hi Mila.... This is our little Betsy that we got from you in 2006. Her parents were Monty and Orlanda. She passed Apr 4, 2020, at just over 14 yrs of age. We are totally heartbroken. Betsy was our first King Charles Spaniel and we absolutely fell in love with her and this breed. She was an absolute delight to have. She was very easy to train. Loved going for walks, seeing people, chasing lights, and shadows. She was a very healthy little girl. Very healthy heart. I would not hesitate to get another King Charles from Ron and Mila!

Thank you for our wonderful Betsy!
Love Sue
Hi Ron and Mila!

Skeeter, the black and tan female, is doing wonderfully. She's mastered the basic commands (sit, stay, wait, come, beg, bed, crate, off, no, OK). She's an unbelievably smart cookie. We are very proud of her.

She also decided to become house trained. At the beginning of April, she figured it out. Now she rings her bell when she wants to go out to pee or to just run off some energy. Her crate training is complete and is her favorite place to sleep at night. Her bed is her day lounging area in the kitchen in her sunbeam.

Thank you guys for the amazing dog! She really makes raising a puppy look easy. We love her so much!
Hi Mila and Ron,'

I just would like to tell you how wonderful is my little girl. I have her registered, as I think I might have told you, as an emotional support dog and I use her in my counseling practice, especially for the teenagers who hate to just sit and talk. If they start crying, Daisy gets up to their face and licks their tears. she is so tuned in. And they hug her and talk to me while they are petting her and because she is so fluffy they say she feels like a big teddy bear.

In a short, people should understand how personal these dogs are and what a great companion and support dogs they are.  



Dear Mila, (dated March 3, 2018)

Daisy’s milestone birthday, she was 13 last December, and Bertie’s upcoming 7th, reminds me daily of how quickly time passes. My beautiful Black and Tans continue to be MVD-free and have been blessed with good health their entire lives; a testament to their lineage and to you, as their breeder.

Daisy is a very accomplished Cavalier having earned many CKC and CARO Rally-Obedience titles during her career, as well as working 5 years as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog. She is smart, and fearless, and still runs like the wind! I remember the day we brought Daisy home as if it were yesterday. It was love at first sight! 

Bertie, my sweet boy, is a kind, gentle soul with a sparkling personality. He loves nothing more than to cuddle with his family, play with his Cavalier friends and go for walks with Daisy. Rarely have I seen such a loving, devoted dog. He’s an absolute treasure!

Thank you for Daisy and Bertie, Mila.  They continue to be the joy of my life. I would appreciate knowing if you’re ever blessed with a black and tan puppy from one of your litters.

Thank you again and best wishes to both you and Ron,

With appreciation,



Here is one more e-mail from D.B., dated March 6, 2018, regarding the difference between boys and girls:


Hi Mila,

When I read the saying you posted - “The girls love you, but the boys are in love with you” – I just had to say I totally agree with you about how loving boy Cavaliers can be, having seen the personality differences between my boy and girl.

I often call Daisy my “wild child”. She’s very loving, but quite the free spirit, too. Smart, independent and full of spunk, she’ll come for a cuddle for ten minutes or so, then she’s off with things to do and places to explore. Having been a therapy dog, she’s very well-behaved, but there have been moments in the ring, which I remember with a smile when she could be quite unpredictable. During one memorable Rally-O trial, in the first run of four, I directed her away from me for a jump. Running like the wind, she flew over the jump and then just kept running … all the way to the end of the building! She was so overcome with happiness, running and jumping, that she didn’t want to stop. Suffice to say, the run a NQ, but on the bright side, Daisy placed first in each of her next three runs and earned her title that day.


Bertie, on the other hand, just loves to cuddle and will happily snooze on my lap for hours. He’s a sensitive, devoted soul, good as gold, with a personality as big as his handsome smile. He takes life as he finds it, he’s happy, full of twirls at suppertime, and wherever I go, he’s not far behind. He’s an absolute sweetheart.


Daisy and Bertie have very different personalities, yet they complement and complete each other beautifully. Of course, I love them both and wouldn’t change a thing about them!


All the best,





Here is an (exact) copy from a Google slide presentation written by a young boy to his parents:

Why can’t we get a dog?

  • Everybody I know has had a dog

  • I know somebody that has 21 dogs on my bus at one point

  • I will love our dog, I will train our dog, I will exercise, brush and feed our dog


We should get a dog because of these reasons below:

  • 1. You know I will take good care of it

  • 2. I’m not afraid to pick up the poo

  • 3. It will be trained so it’s perfect like Riley, I will do the training

  • 4. It will listen to the whole family

  • 5. It will not bark much

  • 6. I will walk it every multiple time a day by myself

  • 7. I will help pay for the dog with Jackson

  • 8. I will love the dog and he will be my best friend

  • There is one dog that I would like to show you that I also think you will like.


It is called a cavalier king charles spaniel tri colour

  • It is a great family dog

  • It is a decent size

  • Also this dog is from Victoria named, Dash 

Here are some facts about the cavalier king charles spaniel

This comfort-loving breed adores cuddling in laps and snuggling on soft pillows, but he also has more athletic instincts than you might think. Indeed, he can be a runner and chaser. It needs to be fenced yard or on a leash, if not trained

Some more interesting facts about cavalier king Charles spaniel

Though they do have an independent streak, Cavaliers are soft-tempered dogs who are willing to please. They respond well to cheerful training – as long as they respect you

A couple more things to add

Yes, these precious pups cost a pretty penny upfront. That said, the AKC says they're smart, obedient, gentle and easy enough to train that you won't need to hand over all of your hard-earned money to a dog behavior specialist. Their small stature also means less money for food and the ability to live in a smaller (and less costly) home


That's why we should get Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A. S.



Hi Mila and Ron,


I wanted to send you a quick note to express my joy with having Quincy as my companion puppy.  He is settling in very well at home and thriving.  Quincy comes to work with me every day and has been well-received by my staff and clients.  At my office, he's considered our tail-wagging mascot and my co-workers never miss an opportunity to play with him or just sneak a cuddle when they're up from their desks.  We even have clients stop by just to give Quincy a cuddle.

Soon he'll have had all his shots and we're going to start puppy training classes.

He's a treasure that has brought much joy to my life every day.

Warm regards,




Hi Mila & Ron,

Just wanted to send a little update on how Winston is doing! We picked him up on St. Patrick’s Day and he has been an absolute joy in our home ever since. Kraig and I can’t get over how kind, happy, and cuddly he is. He has made the perfect addition to our home and he is spoiled rotten with love and cuddles from everyone in our family and friends. 

Winston gets along so well with other dogs and LOVES to meet new people. I don’t think his tail ever stops wagging! When we are out and about he’s very active, but when we want to relax, he’s right there as close as possible snuggling into us :)
He really is a perfect dog and we are head over heels. The vet LOVES him and of course, gets all the attention wherever we go.

We just wanted to thank you again for putting so much care into breeding wonderful dogs. His temperament is a dream and he is healthy as can be. You guys are awesome!! Here are a few pictures... I have tons!

Thanks again and take care,
S. & K. (Oshawa, ON)



Hi, It's T., A. & Henry.

We just wanted to let you know that we took Henry to the vet yesterday and everything checks out great! He has another appointment in a month for booster shots. We picked up more of his food, a collar and tag with his name and phone number, some puppy training mats (which he is using regularly..thank you!), and a few toys.

He is settling in wonderfully and has met Charlie (the cat). Yesterday they both fell asleep on my lap so I think they are going to be best friends in no time.

Henry is everything we hoped for and we are very happy with him. Thank you for allowing us to take him home, we love him! We will be in touch periodically if there is anything you need or just want to see how he's doing please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Thanks again! T., A., Henry & Charlie ...


Hi Foks: Well, I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know just how ecstatic we are to have one of your puppies. I am so thankful I happened upon your location on the internet.

I was absolutely thrilled with the cleanliness of your home, the holding area where the puppies and the pens are and how healthy, well-behaved and loved your dogs appear to be. In saying that, I will not hesitate to recommend your kennel to anyone.

Boots has been with us only 6 days and I am astonished at how smart the little guy is! He already knows his name, he is almost "potty trained", fetches toys and brings them back to me, knows the sit command and also knows when he is in the kennel, it's time for him to settle down.

I know you will agree that puppies are just like new babies and require a great deal of supervision. I am fortunate to have the time to spend with him all day and all night. As you recommended, we have confined him to one room for the time being. I wanted to sleep in the living room on the couch near his kennel for the first few days until he got accustomed to his new home. He is now sleeping through the whole night and I feel it may be near the time that I will feel comfortable enough to sleep back in my own bed.

As you know, I had two prior Cavaliers from another breeder in the area. Although I loved them both, they did not compare to the quality of your dogs and both had heart problems. I am thankful I am now dealing with such a knowledgeable breeder and feel welcome to call on you for any advice I may need. I will definitely keep in touch and let you know how Boots is doing as well as update you on his visit to the veterinarian next week. Sincere regards, G.


Hi, I purchased my Cavalier from your kennel about 8 years ago. She has no evidence of Mitral Valve Disease (thank you for that), and I'm just wondering how her parents are doing (health-wise) so we can keep a lookout for those specifics in Angel. Thank you once again for breeding such an amazing dog, we love her. A.


Hi, we adopted "Murfy" from you - a handsome black and tan puppy one year ago. I just wanted to write to you and tell you how very much we love him. He is a joy to each one of us - filled with love for everyone who reaches down to him. I guess I am writing to tell you to thank you. I can't tell you what a blessing he has been. So sweet. Thank you again for the best gift ever. Here are some pictures of him. Love B.


Very dear friends of ours, the P. family, just adopted a Cavalier from you (J. and M.). Their dog is black and tan also. They are thrilled with their new family member - they named him Buddy. Another satisfied customer! Thank you again. God bless, B.


Just a note to tell you how wonderful our new little puppy is adjusting to life in our home. I have yet to upload the pictures from our camera but will do so shortly and send them along. We have named her "Lucy", and she has quickly come to really love us. Needless to say, we are over the moon about her, too. She is really very sweet and has quickly learned the joys of snuggling with family members on the couch. All of us love to play with her, and she is never without her share of attention. Crate training is going wonderfully - she is a good girl.

She is eating fine and has only had one piddle in the house! She sits by the back door when she wants to be let out, and we are sure to take her on a regular schedule.

I must tell you that she puts the other Cavaliers in our neighborhood to shame because she is so pretty, and she is very outgoing with everyone she meets. We are keeping her away from other dogs for now until her shots are complete, but she can't wait to investigate the other two Cavaliers on our street. 

Warmest regards, P.M.


Hi, just a short note to let you know how Abby is doing. She is adjusting really well. She is such a little sweetheart. Abby is running and playing with the other pets, sleeps through the night, and has had no accidents, she went to the lake for the first time today and had a boat ride (she didn't mind that at all). I thank you very much for letting us have Abby join our family, she definitely is a treasure. S. & L.


Hi, I just wanted to send you an email, to let you know that Bentley is doing very well. He is learning many new things, and has become already very comfortable in his new home. He has seen a vet and I am only waiting for the results of the stool sample.

I think he is growing in his sleep, he eats all his food the moment that I put it down. He wakes me up at about 1 am, then again at around 6:30 - 7 am, he has learned the elevator in the building and runs to his door when he comes out ... amazingly smart puppy!

Take care. S. & J. ...


.... Milly is now 4 months old and healthy! To say the least she has endeared herself to all who meet her. She is a lovely pet. Milly is in full puppy mode now and almost trained, by that I mean she does not go in the house, but if it is raining, it would not be beneath her! I am truly enjoying the companionship of my new puppy. Thanks so much, K. ...


Ginger Day 1. Ginger is doing very well! She is a great puppy, she has slept in our washroom in our bedroom on her doggie bed and she has been wonderful. Ginger and our other dog, Bailey, play quite a bit together and seem to have lots of fun.

Thanks again for all of your help, we love our new addition. Regards, D.


... Well, it's been 2 weeks now, and everything is going very well! Both dogs seem to like each other and they play for a good chunk of the day. Ginger is for sure THE BOSS though. She is quite demanding sometimes of Bailey but he loves her nonetheless. The good news is that they tire each other out. I am forwarding you a picture of Bailey and Ginger sleeping together, it is quite cute. All the best, D.


... Just wanted to wish you a happy and healthy new year. Ginger is doing really well, she is so cute and loving... and always wanting food. I have never seen a dog who loves its food more than she does. She and Bailey get along great. Here are a few pics. All the best, D.


... Raina was spayed a couple of weeks ago and she is doing well. I have also included a couple of pictures of the kids. They are doing wonderfully, happy, and healthy! Brody and Raina both get along beautifully. We are thrilled to have both of them and even our old boy, Brandon, seems livelier. Have a great holiday season. S.


...Just wanted to give you a quick update. Winston is doing very well. The first two days he was not eating well but now that he is adjusted and happy in his new home his hunger has come back!! He has been wonderful and our son has completely fallen in love and forgotten about Ricky!! The kids are having so much fun playing in our yard with the kids. It is very large and there are lots of trees and plants that he enjoys racing around. In short, we are having a great time! K.


...I just wanted you to know Winston was neutered today. The surgery went well. He is rather groggy but otherwise doing very well. Everyone at the animal hospital LOVES him and asks about you and your dogs every time I come in. Winston is looking so mature and his hair is really coming in. You will be happy that he is very lean - he loves his long morning walks. We do 3-5 miles and he not only loves the outdoors, but it keeps him very fit and trimmed. He also made friends with our cat and they chase each other around endlessly. K.


... We"re very happy with our puppy. In fact, he's become the most important person (if you can call him that) in the family since he's the youngest kid. He's got a great personality and is not at all aggressive. We love him very much. I think he's more attached to kids and women ... he's made a couple of friends (Bichon twins) in the neighborhood and stops by their house every time we take him for a walk. Here are a couple of pictures I took this morning... Take care, A.


Hi, Chloe has had a wonderful first 24 hours with us! She is a very happy and curious puppy. She is taking a nap right now because she has been playing all morning with her toys. She likes to hide them in her crate so the other dogs can't get them! she slept through the night and didn't wake up until 6 this morning. We are looking forward to having another fun-filled day with her. Tomorrow we will leave to take her back to our house in New Jersey, so she will have some more exploring to do. Sincerely J. & J (& Chloe too!)


Hi there: Betsy is just wonderful. She couldn't be better. She went to the vet yesterday as well and they all thought she was something. She has settled in like she was always here. Loves all her toys and everyone that comes to see her. She loves going on her leash. It's not much of a walk but it's really just to get her used to the leash. I just thought I would give you a little update. We all love her and she is well taken care of. S.


Good Afternoon,

Just thought I would let you know that Rory is amazing. He is the perfect puppy and we are all in love with him and he is in love with all of us. A.

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